Cesar Hidalgo on why information Grows

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Chase the pace, and explore the information dimension at a collective organized diverse nested networks.

الطاقة الضرورية لحياة الانسان والحوت الازرق

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.عن جيوفري ويست مؤلف كتاب المقياس

Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies


يحتاج الإنسان في الراحة  حوالي 90 واط. هذا هو مقدار الطاقة التي تحتاج فقط للاستلقاء. وإذا كان يعيش في منطقة الأمازون  على الصيد وجمع الثمار ، يحتاج حوالي 250 واط. هذا هو مقدار الطاقة التي يحتاجها للحياة وإيجاد الغذاء.

فما مقدار الطاقة التي يتطلبها نمط الحياة  [في أمريكا]؟

حسنا، عندما تضيف  السعرات الحرارية  و الطاقة اللازمة لتشغيل الكمبيوتر ومكيف الهواء و  غيرها من متطلبات الحياة المعاصرة، تحصل على عدد كبير بشكل لا يصدق، في مكان ما حول 11000 واط.

الآن يمكنك أن تسأل نفسك: ما هو نوع  الحيوان  الذي يتطلب 11،000 واط للعيش؟

وما تجد هو أننا خلقنا نمط الحياة حيث نحن بحاجة إلى المزيد من وحدات الطاقة المستهلكة من قبل الحوت الأزرق. نحن بحاجة إلى طاقة أكبر من أكبر حيوان موجود في أي وقت مضى. هذا هو السبب في ان أسلوب حياتنا غير مستدام. لا يمكن أن يكون لدينا سبعة مليارات من الحيتان الزرقاء على هذا الكوكب. ليس من الواضح حتى أننا يمكن أن تحمل 300 مليون الحيتان الزرقاء


From: Jonah Lehredec. “A Physicist Solves the City,” in http://www.nytimes.com. Dec 17, 2010

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Will the undoing project be adapted into a film?, who will play Amos Tversky character in that movie?, what about the Palstenian issue?.

Would it nudge the audience towards our cognitive illusions and irrationalities ?, narrating the magic of imagination, brilliance, collaboration, and relationships.

Action Research

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Plenary talk from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation

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Pluralism Economic

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Dr. Laura A. king’s research on meaning of life

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Based on contemporary social cognition theories , meaning in life , wellbeing ,intuition,information, mood, regularities(order,structure),culture, magic, worldviews and death are making sense all together.




The Self

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it’s now, choosing  from the past and opening to the future.

The whole project of understanding how brains do the uniquely human things — learn language and abstract concepts, and thinking about other people’s thoughts — that’s brand new.

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CA: So I’ve got one last question. There is this thing called the hard problem of consciousness, that puzzles a lot of people. The notion that you can understand why a brain works, perhaps. But why does anyone have to feel anything? Why does it seem to require these beings who sense things for us to operate? You’re a brilliant young neuroscientist. I mean, what chances do you think there are that at some time in your career, someone, you or someone else, is going to come up with some paradigm shift in understanding what seems an impossible problem?

16:26 RS: I hope they do. And I think they probably won’t.

16:30 CA: Why?

16:33 RS: It’s not called the hard problem of consciousness for nothing. (Laughter)

16:38 CA: That’s a great answer. Rebecca Saxe, thank you very much. That was fantastic. (Applause)

Truth,Information and Data

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“Data is the foundation of information ,knowledge, and ultimately , wisdom and informed action.

Is data truth? Not necessarily! Data can be inaccurate,incomplete,out of date, and misunderstood.For centuries,philosophers have asked,”What is truth?”,and the answer remains elusive.

On a practical level,truth is,to some extent,information of the highest quality-data, that is available,relevant,complete,accurate ,consistence,timely,usable,meaningful,and understood.

Organizations that recognize the value of data can take concrete,proactive steps to increase the the quality of data and information.”

What I liked about this definition, from the Data Management Association DAMA guide to the data management body of knowledge,is the precaution taken when defining the relation between information and truth in an organizational context ,these can be  noticed in the phrases “On a practical level” and “to some extent”!. While it can be an scientific way of writing still it amaze me in the knowledge era.

The second observation is about the first sentence,precisely about the order of Data,information,then  knowledge which is alright with me,but wisdom and informed action, it could make more sense  to me,without  the organizational context,if it was flipped so informed action and wisdom.

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