Temple Grandin

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I really liked the movie ,temple Experince is well narrated the cast was wonderful the main character who did temple was amazing, that ‘s about the movie but the way she experinced her life needs a deep thinking in the way we perceive reality as we describe it although of  the science journeys ,discoveries, tools, philosophies and what ever advancement human had made, still there are a lot of  there, we could not perceive ,our knowledge is limited  ,our capacity to facilitate or to nurture new perspectives ,diversity are limited by our conventions about the perceived reality  which the majority of us  protect and conserve  missing a lot.

Diane Ravitch defending public education

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One of Ravitch’s amazing  speech,a true believer and diagnoser of her cause raising her voice against wrong policy in very critical issue, public school privatization reforms in the USA.

Her voice with the teacher union represents the struggle against policies build upon the wrong measurement approching a real wicked problem, described by a  statiscal  results which never reflects the real Situation. It will be one of the measure struggles in our time ,how the common reductionst view is used to back a false reforms to the benefit of a certain capital side ,a gainst the common good when the same situation is approached by a holistic view.

A salute for her  brave ,clear ,dedication , and a good remark  for the system freedom which allows such voices to be heard.

Developing computing degrees in Sudan ,Arabic world.

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One  of  the dominant question I usually ask ,what is the outcome of  a computer or information technology  degrees holder to the current  local reality of our countries, outcome not the output,where is no contribution to the technology industry ,which is dominated by giant corporation none of them is in  the area unless for marketing and saling, where is no enterprenuship spirit or  rewards are seen or encouraged ,where  the major of working culture is not digitized, exception for sure are there but are so marginal and not that much demand is required ,this beside the other aspect of the cultural, consumption behaviour, stage of development, and economical wicked problems that wides the digital gap between the  developing countries and the other main contributors of our lived reality who produce,develop,compete to meet there local demand ,create and  capture  the largest global market shares, from counteries consumes what ever is there and whatever new regardless of  their needs.

The question  popped  into my mind again while I m reading  an article about developing computing degrees how universities are working with Industry.

And for me, now ,this university degrees In Sudan and the Arab world is a waste of resources, as much as other waste we cumulate ,unless it is redesigned from a  holistic view taken into account the economical,cultural aspects  twoards a different better reality ,and presence in life.

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