My love moments with Dr.Barbra

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Finally and thankfully in my life time a definition of  LOVE, that I love ,understand ,Illuminates doubts and open new possibilities.

Thank you Dr Barbara Frederickson ,World-leading researcher into positive emotions; Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab University of North Carolina, USA , for the great moments of positive feeling you induce into me whenever I encounter your videos describing your amazing work, it firstly start to build with POSITIVITY and now broaden with LOVE

Living in a part of  the world where directly obtaining such magnificent work as Dr.Fredrickson book Love 2.0 is somehow still difficult although of the frustration this difficulty somehow adds to the joy whenever I encounter such YouTube video.

Love is NOT  a sexual desire, special bond ,commitment ,exclusive ,lasting and unconditional ,  Wow.

Watching the presentation builds a feeling of joy ,that now I might claim as Love emotion shared with the Presenter conditioned by the safety I felt from the scientific approach to what she is offering, connecting with her sincere voice , that might transform the classical way books are published adding the author voice to the written content so the audience might connect with the sincere authors, and what build those Love micro moments emotions is the mutual care of the subject ,adding to that the relief and the proud of the  the ability to describe such waves of emotions in straightforward words that’s what Dr.Barbra shared with all . Love without all of the mambo jumbo ,what a joy.


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