This is Water , The Late David Foster Wallace

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The complete speech

If you want to read it .

TEDx Khartoum experience

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Wow, what a day started with high expectation to Hope yes Hope is something I miss sometimes and I seek ,My expectation was I will meet with great People Know there Inspiring stories which would be presented in a terrific way , I attended the 2012 event I know  the TEDx Khartoum team capabilities.

And the day started after a  delay which is accepted here not that much a problem here in Sudan and the amazing talks started ,Wow the declared theme is knowledge into action and i sensed another undeclared theme which is    The Love Of Sudan,and for me this is another great value I seek.

But the ugliness of our reality would not allow such kind of hopes and values grow without to be  controlled and described in a specific ways to serve

a  specific agenda,Power game here rules if you are not willing to obey you should be crashed,you are not allowed to see, hear,dream,hope, enjoy unless you have permission from the authorities and the authorities should administer what and how things would be said.

 the day stopped the organizers tried to negotiate to work out the needed document  which are there ,but the event was early determined not to be, and the spirit of the organizers, speakers,the attendees should be broken.

Wow what a mixture of feeling I experienced today Joy,Hope,beauty,Determination,and Power.

I experienced those feeling  as a rollercoaster ride in the spectrum of those feeling .


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