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I love it for a reasons I cant understand, loving  it without understanding literally is my feeling about this movie  happythankyoumoreplease.

The Story of Luke

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I love the movie I can say that every line or seen is about a real huge important issue of our life,amazing actors and actress, simple, funny and nice WOW.

Here are some of what I captured not as fun as how they delivered in the movie, just teasers for you to watch the movie  or for me to  re-watch it ; instruction, order,consciousness, dreams,marrying and having kids, pretending, rational solution, saying no,every thing wright,  understanding, special, cooking, autism,mindfulness, truth, listening, non verbal communication pattern,symmetric, screwing, making love, friends, nice, purpose , using the internet,hope, and living your life.

د.ابراهيم الخليفي

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من عرف وسمع للدكتور ابراهيم الخليفي سيلاحظ التقدم و التطور في المعاني و المقاربات المطروحه في هذا اللقاء الجميل الذي  قد اجراه مقدم برامج تلفزيوني ممتاز، اعتقد ان الدكتور ابراهيم ،وبالمنظور الذي تعلمته منه و الدكتور بشير الرشيدي ،انه انسان عرف ذاته وطورها فاصبح يتحفنا و يسعدنا بالجديد الآصيل ،اسال الله له و لنا  بصلاح البال.

في مقارنة للمعاني والاتجاهات التي تحبو في اتجاهها بعض الابحاث العلمية المعاصرة و الحديثة المختصة بالانسان  اجد ان الدكتور قد تجاوز بما وصل اليه  الافتراضات و المقاربات التي تقوم عليها هذه الابحاث في اغلب الحيان، على سبيل المثال مفاهيم سيكلوجية الايجاب (Positive Psycology) و انماط الشخصية و العلاقات او الاتصال .

متابعة ممتعة و مفيدة و شكرا للدكتور ونفعه الله ونفعنا بعلمه ويٌسر له الشكر.

Egypt,Optimism that they deserve.

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A unique fresh situation, The people of Egypt gaining their  well-being,they deserve it , the course is not linear, they know, they are driving  the complexity of the current state of the third iteration of a completely new setup than what had happened since the beginning of their revolution and they deal with it as interim iteration in the course of life long iterations to their decided prosperous  destiny . The whole nation is  learning from their errors building on their strengths,the army role is to lead by serving the people and to learn how to become  a true servant leader ,the youth would inspire , preserve ,develop the nation vision , political parties would act to embody and embed the new reality, which they just experiencing to transcend and create a different engagement rules.

Optimism is a state I like a lot, rarely experienced but those days I thank Egypt letting me know that it’s an earned state .

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