The whole project of understanding how brains do the uniquely human things — learn language and abstract concepts, and thinking about other people’s thoughts — that’s brand new.

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CA: So I’ve got one last question. There is this thing called the hard problem of consciousness, that puzzles a lot of people. The notion that you can understand why a brain works, perhaps. But why does anyone have to feel anything? Why does it seem to require these beings who sense things for us to operate? You’re a brilliant young neuroscientist. I mean, what chances do you think there are that at some time in your career, someone, you or someone else, is going to come up with some paradigm shift in understanding what seems an impossible problem?

16:26 RS: I hope they do. And I think they probably won’t.

16:30 CA: Why?

16:33 RS: It’s not called the hard problem of consciousness for nothing. (Laughter)

16:38 CA: That’s a great answer. Rebecca Saxe, thank you very much. That was fantastic. (Applause)

My love moments with Dr.Barbra

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Finally and thankfully in my life time a definition of  LOVE, that I love ,understand ,Illuminates doubts and open new possibilities.

Thank you Dr Barbara Frederickson ,World-leading researcher into positive emotions; Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab University of North Carolina, USA , for the great moments of positive feeling you induce into me whenever I encounter your videos describing your amazing work, it firstly start to build with POSITIVITY and now broaden with LOVE

Living in a part of  the world where directly obtaining such magnificent work as Dr.Fredrickson book Love 2.0 is somehow still difficult although of the frustration this difficulty somehow adds to the joy whenever I encounter such YouTube video.

Love is NOT  a sexual desire, special bond ,commitment ,exclusive ,lasting and unconditional ,  Wow.

Watching the presentation builds a feeling of joy ,that now I might claim as Love emotion shared with the Presenter conditioned by the safety I felt from the scientific approach to what she is offering, connecting with her sincere voice , that might transform the classical way books are published adding the author voice to the written content so the audience might connect with the sincere authors, and what build those Love micro moments emotions is the mutual care of the subject ,adding to that the relief and the proud of the  the ability to describe such waves of emotions in straightforward words that’s what Dr.Barbra shared with all . Love without all of the mambo jumbo ,what a joy.

Brain images persuasive influence

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My interest in Neuro+( ) findings is a result of diffrent aspects, timing regarding  as a recent fresh new results ,usually articulated and published by interesting researchers in a professional crafted books,articles,presentations  which is presented and endorsed in a respected interesting platforms, and of course with the Internet magic  reaches me where I conceive  my self living in a different reality than the researchers but the findings are about  our common neurology , so appreciation,celebration,and amazement are the tags I associate with this sciences in addition to this comes my believes on interdisciplinary  researches and the complexity worldview which is the recent approache to those Neuro+( ) researches .

Somehow this is my self reflection,While wondering about my interset reading about a debate around the brain images (FMRI,)which is usually accompanied in the Neuro+( ) Studies and  how it influences and pursuade the readers  more than studies  with data presenteted in tables and graphs with no images,versus others who argues that brain images appeals to the affinity of the reductionsitic explanation of cognitive phenomena.

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