The whole project of understanding how brains do the uniquely human things — learn language and abstract concepts, and thinking about other people’s thoughts — that’s brand new.

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CA: So I’ve got one last question. There is this thing called the hard problem of consciousness, that puzzles a lot of people. The notion that you can understand why a brain works, perhaps. But why does anyone have to feel anything? Why does it seem to require these beings who sense things for us to operate? You’re a brilliant young neuroscientist. I mean, what chances do you think there are that at some time in your career, someone, you or someone else, is going to come up with some paradigm shift in understanding what seems an impossible problem?

16:26 RS: I hope they do. And I think they probably won’t.

16:30 CA: Why?

16:33 RS: It’s not called the hard problem of consciousness for nothing. (Laughter)

16:38 CA: That’s a great answer. Rebecca Saxe, thank you very much. That was fantastic. (Applause)


Developing computing degrees in Sudan ,Arabic world.

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One  of  the dominant question I usually ask ,what is the outcome of  a computer or information technology  degrees holder to the current  local reality of our countries, outcome not the output,where is no contribution to the technology industry ,which is dominated by giant corporation none of them is in  the area unless for marketing and saling, where is no enterprenuship spirit or  rewards are seen or encouraged ,where  the major of working culture is not digitized, exception for sure are there but are so marginal and not that much demand is required ,this beside the other aspect of the cultural, consumption behaviour, stage of development, and economical wicked problems that wides the digital gap between the  developing countries and the other main contributors of our lived reality who produce,develop,compete to meet there local demand ,create and  capture  the largest global market shares, from counteries consumes what ever is there and whatever new regardless of  their needs.

The question  popped  into my mind again while I m reading  an article about developing computing degrees how universities are working with Industry.

And for me, now ,this university degrees In Sudan and the Arab world is a waste of resources, as much as other waste we cumulate ,unless it is redesigned from a  holistic view taken into account the economical,cultural aspects  twoards a different better reality ,and presence in life.

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