Truth,Information and Data

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“Data is the foundation of information ,knowledge, and ultimately , wisdom and informed action.

Is data truth? Not necessarily! Data can be inaccurate,incomplete,out of date, and misunderstood.For centuries,philosophers have asked,”What is truth?”,and the answer remains elusive.

On a practical level,truth is,to some extent,information of the highest quality-data, that is available,relevant,complete,accurate ,consistence,timely,usable,meaningful,and understood.

Organizations that recognize the value of data can take concrete,proactive steps to increase the the quality of data and information.”

What I liked about this definition, from the Data Management Association DAMA guide to the data management body of knowledge,is the precaution taken when defining the relation between information and truth in an organizational context ,these can be  noticed in the phrases “On a practical level” and “to some extent”!. While it can be an scientific way of writing still it amaze me in the knowledge era.

The second observation is about the first sentence,precisely about the order of Data,information,then  knowledge which is alright with me,but wisdom and informed action, it could make more sense  to me,without  the organizational context,if it was flipped so informed action and wisdom.


Hans Rosling’s way with data

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The joy of data storied,motioned , narrated by passionate fact-teller “i think i coined the term” is a new experience I went through while exploring Professor Hans Rosling work ,and I would admit that the way he is presenting the data has made the content of his message so clear,easy to grasp, and memorable, although it may challenge and  I hope enrich the static worldviews where things are categorized and classified in static plots.

I have a second thought today after watching the Joy of stats documentary thanks to my friend  NaserEldin, a brother related to me by our  life journeys and a change agent who belives in action and dynamics twords a better transformed  human cultures,when he asked where does  statistics  fits with the complexity worldview I’m trying to see the world through it now days, I remembered that I only watched the Ted talks of Prof.Hans and i posted my first iteration of this post and I was willing to rewrite it when watching the documentary ,so what are you reading is the second iteration of this post and this one of the ways information evolves. Back again to the second  thought or the  question that  is pondering, is how life will become ,and would transform when the  communication of this massive data joyfully overcome the old and still somehow current barriers of lets say with some conservation  ignorance state  . My feeling rightnow  is it’s a journey worth of traveling and the travellers are doing great,thanks to them.

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