What a bless

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I’m so lucky reading and wondering  on Rusell Ackoff redesign concpt, living and worrying off  the messy status of Education in the World, my part of  the world , and my country ,while being there in the time of OCW,MOOC, edX, Coursera , Youtube … .


The messy reality and the narrative coherence expectation

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How comes  i convinced my self in this uncertain complex interdependence of thoughts,people, economic, power ,worldviews, ………, that a  narrative Coherence is expected to describe the History, reality , and the future of humanity , it seems that  word messy coherence is one of the needed descriptive Sense-making ways,but in it self is again not sufficient to the why question because it still misses the interactions of the mess . 

Do I really need another way to improve the thinking process of mine or a redesign to  the whole thinking is needed, or do I  have been anchored by  the trends of making over

Can it be done to redesign the thinking ?


Transform the thinking ?

I don’t  know,or I don’t need to know ?

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