Egypt,Optimism that they deserve.

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A unique fresh situation, The people of Egypt gaining their  well-being,they deserve it , the course is not linear, they know, they are driving  the complexity of the current state of the third iteration of a completely new setup than what had happened since the beginning of their revolution and they deal with it as interim iteration in the course of life long iterations to their decided prosperous  destiny . The whole nation is  learning from their errors building on their strengths,the army role is to lead by serving the people and to learn how to become  a true servant leader ,the youth would inspire , preserve ,develop the nation vision , political parties would act to embody and embed the new reality, which they just experiencing to transcend and create a different engagement rules.

Optimism is a state I like a lot, rarely experienced but those days I thank Egypt letting me know that it’s an earned state .

Worldview Literacy Project

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The Institute  of Noetic Sciences “Worldview Literacy Project”™ introduces an experiential pedagogy designed to increase students’ awareness of their worldviews. They aim to open a conversational space of exploration where diverse worldviews are welcomed with curiosity and wonder, in service to creating the deeper collective understanding and more effective sense-making required to navigate life in the internet-dominated post-industrial age. Designed to be used in middle school and high schools, the curriculum explores the pivotal role that worldview, perspective or point of view plays in perception, information processing and behavior. Educating for awareness of worldview can help students to discover critical connections between lived experience and habits of mind.

Excpert  from the

Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness paper by  Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten & Elizabeth M. Miller

“In 1997, a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) initiated a series of studies focused on the process of worldview transformation. The goal has been to understand the process by which people experience fundamental shifts in perception that alter how they view and interact with themselves and the world around them.  The team investigated factors that facilitate the kind of worldview transformations that result in increased social consciousness and prosocial behaviour.”

” Social consciousness in the IONS used to denote conscious awareness of being part of an interrelated community of     others. When used this way, social consciousness refers to the level of explicit awareness a person has of being part of a larger whole. It includes the level at which one is aware of how he or she is influenced by others, as well as how his or her actions may affect others. It also includes an understanding that there are many factors shaping experience that lie below the threshold of conscious awareness.While it is clear that people are social beings from the very beginnings of life there is developmental variability in the extent to which people are explicitly aware of the impact that culture and society have on them, and that they, in turn,can have on their environment. ”

“When worldview shifts from a primarily self-centred mode to one in which the self is experienced as an integral part of a larger whole, people report becoming more compassionate and service-oriented, and inspired to act as agents for positive change in their immediate communities and beyond.”

“Shifts in consciousness need not wait for random life-changing experiences, but can be invited through intentional practice and experiential education .Based on these assumptions, our team has created a curriculum to facilitate the development of ‘worldview literacy’. By describing worldview as a kind of literacy, we acknowledge it as a skill set and capacity that can be both taught and learned.”

“The Worldview Literacy Project, is designed to catalyst the development of social consciousness by helping to increase awareness of the relationship between perception and experience. It also aims to help students appreciate different worldviews and ways of
knowing about the world and their place in it. The programme is administered as a set of fifty-minute drop-in modules for high school students (and others) that utilize inclusive dialogue and experiential activities to help them comprehend and communicate issues related to worldview. It is designed to be compliant with educational standards and to integrate with currently existing curricula in a broad spectrum of classroom settings. ”

“The pedagogy is expressed through multi-media lesson plans, grounded in engaged conversation, experiential activities, explorations of positive role models, and collaborative learning projects. The programme is designed to offer adolescents, teens, and lifelong learners the ability to understand how their worldview affects their perception and behaviour, and by extension, how others’ worldviews affect their perceptions and behaviour. Such exploration is intended to support young people becoming effective leaders, able to meet social, cultural, political, and environmental demands with strength and purpose. It also offers a methodology for creating a generative and life-affirming system of learning that encourages exploration of prosocial behaviour within a comparative and non-dogmatic environment.”

“Qualitative results from pilot programmes in five inner city Oakland, California, classrooms suggest that the curriculum and pedagogy have beneficial effects on students’ development. It provides a platform from which they can better navigate complexity, be more
self-aware, make choices with greater discernment, and have greater social and emotional intelligence. they have found that students discover a greater capacity for self-reflection and empathy. They report experiencing more comfort and less reactivity in unfamiliar situations, perceiving less separation when faced with diversity, and expanding their sense of in-group and community identification. In addition, teachers report that students are more engaged in the learning process, demonstrate greater attentiveness and class participation, are less prone to absenteeism, are taking an active interest in making a positive contribution to their school and home communities, and are expressing sensitivity to issues of global concern.”

Click the link for the Full paper  Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness by  Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten & Elizabeth M. Miller

The messy reality and the narrative coherence expectation

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How comes  i convinced my self in this uncertain complex interdependence of thoughts,people, economic, power ,worldviews, ………, that a  narrative Coherence is expected to describe the History, reality , and the future of humanity , it seems that  word messy coherence is one of the needed descriptive Sense-making ways,but in it self is again not sufficient to the why question because it still misses the interactions of the mess . 

Do I really need another way to improve the thinking process of mine or a redesign to  the whole thinking is needed, or do I  have been anchored by  the trends of making over

Can it be done to redesign the thinking ?


Transform the thinking ?

I don’t  know,or I don’t need to know ?


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What a morning , ideas ,people, lives,bacteria ,presentations ,stories , ……,Allah.

I was chasing  ,a failed search for an artical titled “angel technology uses behavioral science to empower people” those days I’m trying to catch behavioral economics  perspectives ,at the same time I was looking for a  TED talks on germs Eco or Bio Architecture lucky enough I found Jessica  Green talks ,I was looking for her  not remembering  the speaker name,  I was happy with the uniting idea as I perceived it ,and the hidden interdependencies that will soon  becomes  obvious in architecture as I hope,  then on the side my eyes my curiosity catches a not understandable title that happened to be interesting  ,here  I have to credit the people  who crafted the matching algorithm for doing their part of the job.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Elusive creative  genius talk ,what a genius talk at the beginning of  it i reminded my self to let go of thoughts that would bother me and I kept letting go   , so I enjoyed as much of  the talk , and   amazed by the hidden interconnection with Jessica Green talks!!!  ALLAH.

Temple Grandin

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I really liked the movie ,temple Experince is well narrated the cast was wonderful the main character who did temple was amazing, that ‘s about the movie but the way she experinced her life needs a deep thinking in the way we perceive reality as we describe it although of  the science journeys ,discoveries, tools, philosophies and what ever advancement human had made, still there are a lot of  there, we could not perceive ,our knowledge is limited  ,our capacity to facilitate or to nurture new perspectives ,diversity are limited by our conventions about the perceived reality  which the majority of us  protect and conserve  missing a lot.

النُّخْبَةُ السودانية: المزاج الصَّفْوي والصِّرَاع العقيم بقلم عبدالله الفكي بشير

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مقالات منشوره ، تعرفت عليها حاليا و أعجبت بمحتواها سردا وتشخيصا وحلولا ، ،فالشكر و التقدير للسيد  عبدالله   الفكي بشير

لقد كان القرن العشرين في السودان قرن التعليم الحديث، وقرن التحرر الوطني من المستعمر البريطاني/ المصري، ونيل الاستقلال الذي تحقق عبر التطور الدستوري عام 1956م بخروج المستعمر. وبدأ فيه الحكم الوطني، وتبعته الصراعات حول نُظم الحكم، وحقوق الثقافات، وخُتم بإتساع رقعة الصراعات المسلحة، وارتفاع الأصوات بالعدل الثقافي والحرية الدينية. وعندما هل القرن الحادي والعشرين، وهو قرن الجرد والنقد، انتظمت البلاد حالة نقدية شاملة، لا أحسب أن انجازات الماضي تستطيع أن تتماسك أمامها. فهي حالة صحية وحتمية، وإن كانت قد تأخرت، وجاءت بعد ركود دام زمناً طويلاً، إلا أنها تهدف إلى إجراء مراجعات شاملة للمسار السياسي، وإعادة النظر في الحقوق وانجازات الماضي. فالوعي بالذاتية قد تنامي وشمل كل أنحاء السودان، في الجنوب ودارفور، وديار البجة وجبال النوبة وفي الشمال نفسه. لقد انتظمت البلاد حالة نقد واسعة لكل تاريخ السودان ومساره السياسي، وستتسع أكثر فأكثر. بدأ القرن الحادي والعشرين بطرح قوي للأسئلة المؤجلة حول القضايا المدمدمة: حول المرتكز الحضاري للسودان (الهوية)، وحقوق المشاركة العادلة لمختلف الثقافات وابنائها في الحكم، وضرورة حكم السودان على أسس التنوع الثقافي. إنه قرن التحدي، والجرد، لذا فهو يحتاج أكثر من أي وقت مضى للقادة السوامق، والحكماء النوابغ، الذين يرتبطون بالمستقبل أكثر من ارتباطهم الماضي، ويعملون بالحكمة لا بالغلظة والفظاظة والعجلة والتعجل، يسيرون على هدي إرادة أهل السودان لا بما يريدون هم. إنها اللحظة التي يجب أن يتوافق الناس فيها على برنامج قومي وثوابت وطنية، ويرتفع فيها القادة والناس من المصالح الحزبية إلى المصالح الوطنية. حتى الآن لا يستطيع أحد التنبؤ بما سيسفر عنه مستهل العقد القادم، والعقود التالية. فقط علينا الانتظار والتأمل، لقد انقضى الوقت الذي يجب فيه العمل لتصحيح المسار، فقط يبقى الرهان على مفاجآت أرض السودان العبقرية، فهي دوماً تقدم لنا المفاجآت والمفارقات، وظللنا نقدم لها عاهاتنا السياسية وبوارنا


New frontier for Networkers ,Network Medicine

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Recently I stumbled on  Albert -Laszlo Barabasi’s  talk on TedMed where he reveals  a new frontier on Network Science, a promising ,Network  Medicine.  I think it was a persuasive nice presented talk crafted by the help  of a data visulaziation forming the interdisciplinary  Network Science .

النظرة الى الانسان المركب عند عبدالوهاب المسيري

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  الحمد لله المنعم الخالق الودود،الذي جعل إحاطتنا بالعلم قليل لاستمرار التفكر والتعجب في بديع خلقه ،الذي كثيرا

مانختزله في إدراكنا علي حسب أعتناقنا لنموذج معرفي ،وعينا به أولم نعي.

     اعجبت كثيربكتاب د. عمرو شريف لرحلة عبدالوهاب المسيري قراءة في فكره وسيرته حيث يعرض الدكتور عبدالوهاب المسيرى النماذج المعرفية التي شكلت ادراكه وتحليلاته في حياته الثرية الذاخره ،والتي يدعو بها المفكرين العرب ان يكتبوا  سيرهم غير الذاتية غير الموضوعية التي تحتوي على تلخيص لأفكارهم وبذورها وكيفية تشكلها، ليضعوا خبرتهم تحت تصرف الأجيال الجديدة -رحمه الله ونفعه بها .ويعرضها د.عمرو شريف ببساطة وحب لتكون مع عمقها الكبير في متناول إفهام الشباب وغير المتخصصين،فيتبعون البذور و الجذور ويطعمون من الثمر، في زمن تسود فيه العولمة و  مابعدالحداثةوطمث الهوية ،نفعه الله وجازاه عنى والشباب كل خير وبركه.فالعمل تحفة علمية فكرته ومحتواه وعرضه و توقيته لا يسعني وسط هذا الإعجاب الي ان احمد الله وأشكره.والوقفات مع الكتاب اكثر من كثيرة ولكني اخترت اليوم  الانسان المركب  توضيحا وإثراء لنظرية التعقيد كنموذج معرفي او نظرة كونية أتمتع بتشكلها وتشكيلها لادراكي.

فالانسان كائن فريد في العالم الطبيعي المادي يحيا حياة مركبة ومفعمة بالأسرار والثنائيات والتنوع، وليست بسيطة  او    أحادية،. يساعد هذا المدخل على فهم العالم والذات فتقديس الطبيعة او التكنولوجيا ،العقل،العاطفة،المثالية الخالصة،الروحية الخالصة تعد اختزال واختلال لمكونات متكاملة تتكامل وتتقاطع لتركيب الإنسان وواضعة حدودللمكونات فالمثالية  تضع حدود على المادية والجسد على الروح والدنيا على الآخرة والسياسةوالمعرفية والتاريخية  على المطلق و الثابت و المقدس، و العكس.  بذلك لايفقد الانسان ذاته الانسانية في بعد واحد من الأبعاد

Brain images persuasive influence

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My interest in Neuro+( ) findings is a result of diffrent aspects, timing regarding  as a recent fresh new results ,usually articulated and published by interesting researchers in a professional crafted books,articles,presentations  which is presented and endorsed in a respected interesting platforms, and of course with the Internet magic  reaches me where I conceive  my self living in a different reality than the researchers but the findings are about  our common neurology , so appreciation,celebration,and amazement are the tags I associate with this sciences in addition to this comes my believes on interdisciplinary  researches and the complexity worldview which is the recent approache to those Neuro+( ) researches .

Somehow this is my self reflection,While wondering about my interset reading about a debate around the brain images (FMRI,)which is usually accompanied in the Neuro+( ) Studies and  how it influences and pursuade the readers  more than studies  with data presenteted in tables and graphs with no images,versus others who argues that brain images appeals to the affinity of the reductionsitic explanation of cognitive phenomena.

Problématique,Super | Wicked problem, and Messes

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When dealing with a complex issues trying to frame or formulate a “problem ” ,the word problem is not sufficient any more, the terms Problématique,Wicked problem,and Messes used by different scholars to  coin the complexity of issues and hence to prompt a differente way to look at,interrelate,describe and to deal with this issues.

Decomposing the “Problématique,Wicked problem, or Messes” by breaking it to its parts ,problem,and then try to fix each part , proved to be not always the better way to handle the situations. Then the question will be how we deal with such situations ?

New set of approaches,Transdiciplinary,Crossdiciplinary,Interdiscplinary ,dialogues, and collaborative designs,just naming few,is where you can start a process dealing with the situations.

Redesigning. Cape  town,this Interview can add a practical reality .

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