Knowing that you are not knowing

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it’s a heavy burden living  knowing only the don’t want to be  doing , and no idea or feeling to what are the things you desire to be doing .

Are  you depressed ?

normally  this  how  I think and feel .

But this kind of thinking is not good for you did you tried to change  it

it’s so real to me ,denial is not a relief option

Not to deny, just  try to see things from a broaden perspective

I believe in abandonment and that for sure there is/are choices that are for me but I know that I’m not knowing what are they ,did you got me

Ok ,let us see what are you now doing to know , knowing is about learning i think what are you doing to learn

i don’t know you , who are you?

I’m also a stream of your thinking ,believing in uncertainty and can be  described  as a pattern of  positive thinking

Yeah ,  I invested in exploring positivity a lot of  time ,I tracked the positive psychology movement, tried to Know about the last research finding it was a nice journey ,I think I know about positivity ,as I know about complexity, as I know about System Thinking,  Neuro Linguistic Programming ,Choice Theory and ….,do I expect a different pattern of thinking for each of the field I pursued for a while.

NO, but it seems you have a dominant thinking pattern every while,and it fights every contradictions 

Isn’t it just mode disorder

Psychology terms are a little bit fuzzy for me,you know I believe that knowledge about human will continue to transform and what we have now is 

What you believing is devastating how come we live in the information age where science and technology advancement are the theme of the age.

let me finish ,

the way humanistic sciences are approached and delivered to main stream subject is still immature that’s way I have a true concern about what is consumed and don’t forget that in our part of the world how we consume and our permanent mental models about things add to the distortion ,

so , is it or not mode disorder?

let me speak with what science is revealing about the mind and check with what you know search , compare, evaluate, the decision that we take is not always rational it doesn’t always add to our on good and benefit the mind is anchored,heuristic, biased,

I knew about complexity and assumed it as a new worldview we are in need to be a costumed with, so new frontier will appear,but is interesting to add  , awareness and attention should also incorporated with our limitation on decisions we take , happiness forecasting , is there where are you going ?

Aha ,Complexity of the world our inadequate  conventional perception sometimes lead us in wrong direction that we believe is true for us.

here I have to mention that not all of  our conventional wisdom ,intuition, heuristic, are leading us wrongly a lot of time it save us from the computation of the mass of information that should be computed in complicated situation , and in uncertainty heuristics is may be one of the right option to start by .

when uncertainty is mentioned I recall the concept of  social herding ,collective unconscious, which may not serve the best interest of the group in its consequences , and it’s always difficult to identify if I’m just following a particular herd as I’m embedded in a complex system of intellectual, social ,religious structures   .

it seems to me when you’re neglecting the journey and emphasize only on the outcome of your decision not giving yourself the opportunity to fail and to gain from your failure strengthening  your abilities and raising them to a new level of accomplishment is part of the  problems in your thinking .

although it’s a solid observable phenomena in the living world that living things strengths from its failure occasionally,  usually the tendency is to create and maintain  safe  environment avoiding failure as much as possible ,where the opportunity of learning and strengthening from failure which may help in facing  the uncertainty of the world is the trade-off .

here comes two different views ,  the experiencing and the remembered views, that is what you are experiencing while you are doing what you are doing , and then what you are remembering after the experience, and those views may differ even though the experience is the same .

let us go back to the first frustration and continue with  the Why question and try to figure the path,the direction and what inspires and energizes you?how about that as a clear question to pursue without trying to just hop from distracted thought to unclear theory  or to whatever you are doing . do we agree ?

Let me first bring my understanding of directions and goals first so we can agree to move forward, I believe that a direction can be discovered while sense making the messy coherence of my life , it is a hidden pattern that direct and ignites my actions,beliefs, way of thinking so far in my age and I think it evolved through the different life stages ,roles  I live and situations I experience.

Hidden  changing pattern ! hidden from you the embodiment of it ?

I’ve tried to explain and share my perspective first believing that it’s not a simple stated cause that affects me, I’m not a machine or a software code although of the current level of complication those evolved to, I’m a Human-being can not be simplified,compared,shrunk to any constructed model of  a thing or entity in life lesser than the Human being I am .

To be continued…

Olin College Aspiration

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Olin College seeks to redefine engineering as a profession of innovation encompassing

1) the consideration of human and societal needs;

2) the creative design of engineering systems;

3) the creation of value through entrepreneurial effort and philanthropy.

The College is dedicated to the discovery and development of the most effective educational approaches and aspires to serve as a model for others.

The Unseen Now

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My love moments with Dr.Barbra

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Finally and thankfully in my life time a definition of  LOVE, that I love ,understand ,Illuminates doubts and open new possibilities.

Thank you Dr Barbara Frederickson ,World-leading researcher into positive emotions; Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab University of North Carolina, USA , for the great moments of positive feeling you induce into me whenever I encounter your videos describing your amazing work, it firstly start to build with POSITIVITY and now broaden with LOVE

Living in a part of  the world where directly obtaining such magnificent work as Dr.Fredrickson book Love 2.0 is somehow still difficult although of the frustration this difficulty somehow adds to the joy whenever I encounter such YouTube video.

Love is NOT  a sexual desire, special bond ,commitment ,exclusive ,lasting and unconditional ,  Wow.

Watching the presentation builds a feeling of joy ,that now I might claim as Love emotion shared with the Presenter conditioned by the safety I felt from the scientific approach to what she is offering, connecting with her sincere voice , that might transform the classical way books are published adding the author voice to the written content so the audience might connect with the sincere authors, and what build those Love micro moments emotions is the mutual care of the subject ,adding to that the relief and the proud of the  the ability to describe such waves of emotions in straightforward words that’s what Dr.Barbra shared with all . Love without all of the mambo jumbo ,what a joy.

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